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RAA operates the Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts. Here, our nonprofit volunteer team operates a vibrant community and cultural crossroads for all ages and backgrounds. What began with local art shows and community arts events has blossomed. It’s theater, gallery, jazz, classroom, noise, spoken word, hip-hop, and community meeting place. It’s an intersection of generations and divergent groups. All this in a beloved community center that needs some replacement parts. Most notably, a roof!

About the Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts

Our group, the Riverwest Artists Association (RAA), had the courage and opportunity to purchase this historic venue in 2008. This has given us a home for our work, and in return tremendous resources for the arts and creative energies of our community.

As the Milwaukee Jazz Gallery back in the 70s and 80s, the likes of Dizzy Gillespie, Chet Baker, and the Marsalis brothers were regularly featured. Our place was a renowned jazz club. We uphold that heritage and been awarded “Best Jazz Venue’ by Downbeat magazine for the last two years.

Our mission as a community arts center also finds us with lively hip-hop shows, weekly older adult programming, experimental music, and open jam sessions. Our boundless energies do not, however, cover the infrastructural needs our building presents. Built as a community hall for receptions and meetings in the 1950s, our center is in dire need of a roof, repairs, and a sound system. We’re launching this campaign to ask for your support.

The Future

The Riverwest Artists Association is now celebrating 40 years of supporting local artists.

With a solid roof over our heads and a quality sound system, we can continue to grow and serve our community. Emerging and returning artists will find new audiences and peers. We will make and celebrate our own ambient sounds--no longer with raindrops falling into buckets!

Other Ways to be Involved

Of course, we hope you'll donate at some level to our cause (even $1 helps!). There are additional ways to be involved with our arts center.

We’re grateful to all who help and have come up with a variety of perks to say thank you.

If possible, we invite you to come by and enjoy the remarkable talents and creative surprises at the Jazz Gallery Center!

*Riverwest Artists Association is a 501c3, non-profit, all donations are tax-deductible.