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Chain Reaction 5

This show represents the work of fifteen artists linked together by their reactions. Each artist had only one week to react to the artwork that was created by the person working just before them. Each reaction reveals ideas related to an artist’s personality, visual style and his or her view of the world. All of the work is connected by the shared love of making things and the willingness to find inspiration from another artist's ideas.

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Parallel Portals: Doors Unlocked



Welcome to Parallel Portals. Allow us to unlock the doors for you. Glide in on whichever vehicle suits you best, be it spiritual, scientific, or recreational.

Perhaps once inside, you'll discover another vehicle... new transportation to a realm of discovery, where you’ll see what your genuine self wants to see.

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A Flock of Siegers!

Exhibition Runtime: May 11 - June 29, 2019

All of the art in this gallery was made by members' of the Sieger family. If you are born into or even just fall in love with a Sieger, you probably are at least one of the following:

  1. A chronic, incurable doodler

  2. Someone who uses rulers and mechanical pencils on a daily basis

  3. "Sorry, I have band practice later"

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ArtTyler Roberts
Lost & Found

Exhibition: March 22nd - May 4th, 2019

Lost & Found: Mike Brylski and Brian Schneider. An ambitious display of the work of two exceptional multi-media collage artists. Now on exhibit at the Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts.

Presenting the work of two artists of differing backgrounds and approaches to the often under appreciated art of collage.

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Palestine: Unlimited

As the world has forgotten the mass expulsion of Arabs from Palestine in 1948 - rightly named Nakbah (The Catastrophe) - and the subsequent occupation of Palestine by the State of Israel, beginning in 1967, continuing until this day, the people of Palestine retain their dignity and humanity as clearly illuminated in the prize-winning photographs by Bethlehem media students from Dar al-Kalima University College of Arts and Culture.

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