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TONIGHT Seed Sounds #53 w/ guests Jahmes Finlayson & Eli Smith

TONIGHT Seed Sounds #53 w guests Jahmes Finlayson & Eli Smith.jpg

Always finding unique combinations among the many improvisors in our area who are at home in freedom, Seed Sounds #53 will feature guests Jahmes Finlayson, percussion, kalimba; and Eli Smith, guitar, electronics. Of course "at home in freedom" is a lot like saying at home in outer space. But you're likely reading these words from the remote corner of the Milky Way we call Planet Earth. So I think you'll like what we do.

Jahmes and Eli will be joined by the Seed Sounds core trio of Paul Westfahl, drums, percussion; Linda Binder, violin, waterphone, mandola; Rick Ollman, reeds, brass, guitar.