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Parallel Portals: Doors Unlocked

Parallel Portals - Doors Unlocked.jpg

Opening Reception: June 29th, 7 PM - 9 PM

Exhibition: June 29th - July 27th, 2019

Welcome to Parallel Portals. Allow us to unlock the doors for you. Glide in on whichever vehicle suits you best, be it spiritual, scientific, or recreational.

Perhaps once inside, you'll discover another vehicle... new transportation to a realm of discovery, where you’ll see what your genuine self wants to see.

Curated by artist Amy Schmutte, this art exhibit includes nine artists. Each artist's work will be accompanied by a journal, for you (the passenger) to express your perception of your own journey upon viewing this other-worldly art.

Open Portals will stay on display through Saturday, July 27. Gallery hours are Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, 12pm-5pm.

The Opening Reception on Saturday June 29 features live experimental/electronica music performance by Systiema (musician,Tyler Rex) in his 2019 tour "Super Sound Systiema"!


Renee Bebeau - Acrylic Painting

Mark Lawson - Sculpture

Sharon Mergener - Mixed Media with Acrylic and Spray Paint

Todd Mrozinski - Oil Painting

Tyler Rex - Experimental/Electronic Music Performance as "Systiema" (with visuals by Amy Schmutte) at opening 6/29, ALSO the audio portion for a music video collaboration-installation (with Amy), on-screen for the duration of the month-long exhibit.

Amy Schmutte - Abstract Traditional Photography, ALSO projected visuals for Systiema's live music performance at opening 6/29, ALSO the visual portion for music video collaboration-installation (with Systiema), on-screen for the duration of the month-long exhibit.

Zach Schnitzler - Mixed Media & Collage with Spray Paint & Paint Marker

Tracy Thomas - Mixed Media with Encaustic Monotype, Watercolor, Oil Painting

Christina Zawadiwsky - Collage