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A Flock of Siegers!

A Flock of Siegers.jpg

Exhibition Runtime: May 11 - June 29, 2019

Opening Reception and Concert: Saturday, May 11, 7 PM to 10 PM

All of the art in this gallery was made by members' of the Sieger family. If you are born into or even just fall in love with a Sieger, you probably are at least one of the following:

  1. A chronic, incurable doodler

  2. Someone who uses rulers and mechanical pencils on a daily basis

  3. "Sorry, I have band practice later"

The oldest thing in the show is probably Great-Grandpa Alois Sr. 's figurine of a shoe shine professional, was made from materials gathered in the memorial stone workshop where he was employed, oh, about a hundred years ago or so. It's either that or Great- Grandma's Crandall's embroidery. Grandma Thressa Crandall is the sweet-faced Danish lady with her ankle-length white hair in a braid who is depicted twice in this exhibit.

Though there isn't a piece by her, Martha Sieger was the mother of six of the artists featured. Mart was a hat seller and a seamstress on the side who raised her seven children mostly all by herself. It wasn't always easy for her to make ends meet, but despite that she always encouraged her kid's creative pursuits. And that made all the difference the rest of us are all creative children of Martha's creative children.

Art Work

Welcome to the Flock!

* Grandma Thressa Crandall, Grandpa Alois Sieger Sr, Anja Notanja Sieger, Anton Sieger, Barbara Sieger. Bill Sieger, Jeanne De Simone Sieger, John Sieger, Linsey Sieger, Mike Sieger, Milo Sieger, Robert Sieger, Ryland Sieger, Sam Sieger, Mary Sieger Wanserski, Aaron Wanserski, Liz Krermer-Wanserski, Lulu Wanserski, Luke Wanserski, Nick Wanserski. Blaine Wesselowski

Illustration by John Sieger

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