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Seed Sounds #50 w/ guests Steve Schlei and Kevin Schlei

Seed Sounds #50 with guests Steve Schlei and Kevin Schlei.jpg

Our guests: the Schlei brothers, Kevin and Steve - dynamic electronics with a huge palette of sounds, colors, textures, and rhythms. Seed Sounds is always looking to take off in new directions and this combination is certain to soar, as they join with the Seed Sounds core group of Linda Binder, violin, mandola, waterphone; Paul Westfahl, drums, percussion; Rick Ollman, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, cornet, trombone, guitar.

Note: We are early in the month and early in the evening. It's the 2nd Sunday (not our usual 3rd) and 5:30pm start time (not our usual 7pm).