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Seed Sounds #48 w/ guests Tim Sterner Miller & Lajos Szabo


You're invited to join us at Seed Sounds #48, our 4th Anniversary celebration of free improvisation! Our guests this month are both involved with the Peck School of the Arts at UWM, musicologist Tim Sterner Miller, pedal steel guitar; and graduate student Lajos Szabo, electronics. Both bring a wealth of experience across many styles and approaches to music-making.

Unfortunately, Seed Sounds drummer Paul Westfahl has another commitment that night, but the other two members of Seed Sounds core group, Linda Binder, violin, mandola, and waterphone; and Rick Ollman, winds, guitar, and percussion will be there.

Once a month we test ourselves and test the concept that humans can make music without a score, script, or teleprompter! We start by translating our feelings into sound... which stimulates our fellow musicians into a musical response... which stimulates our own response.

It doesn't take long before the stimulus and the response become impossible to separate. Thoughts become ideas; feelings become emotion.

When it's not musical (yes, this happens) tension is felt, and a drama occurs resulting in the will to change, resulting in a new stimulus with new responses. Does this remind you of the process of our lives?

Surprisingly, shockingly, our lives can be music. And the not-music is the dramatic edge necessary for the music.

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