Art Walk

53212: Studio + Gallery Walk

Saturday October 6th, 1 – 8 PM

Nearly 40 years ago, a group of artists started an event featuring the many artists and art galleries in Riverwest. ArtWalk has helped define Riverwest as a creative community ever since.

This year, the event has been expanded to the entire 53212 area as 53212: Studio + Gallery Walk


A preview of the walk’s many sites:

  • ArtBar at 722 E Burleigh

  • Gluon Gallery at 2964 N. Holton St.

  • Jessica Laub Art at 3707 N Richards

  • Boutique 801 at 801 E Center St.

  • Yours Truly at 833 E Center St

  • 4 Wheels Studio at 824 E Locust

  • Burning Snow Center at 2578 N Weil

  • Woodland Pattern Book Center at 720 E Locust

  • Flux Design at 811 E Vienna

  • Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts at 926 E Center

Many more sites to be added soon!