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Gallery Mission Statement

The Mission of the Riverwest Artists Association

Our goal is to foster reflective, innovative, and proactive art to enrich and stimulate our community.

Statement of Visual Arts/Gallery Focus

At the Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts we present the arts in many forms and genres. Diverse events and programming have to coexist in our modestly sized space on East Center Street. This coexistence involves spatial issues as well as conceptual issues. The visual art and music we present is meant to be thoughtful, contemplative work meant for a responsive, reflective audience. We exhibit very diverse artwork in our ongoing lineup of exhibitions. Usually these are group exhibitions either curated with a theme of some social relevance, or featuring the work of some specific group of artists that represent a segment of the community. We encourage collaborations such as fusions of visual and musical forms with poetry and other forms of expression. We also give a forum for less experienced artists to gain experience presenting their work in a public exhibition. This includes learning how to install the work and staff the gallery.