Riverwest Artist Association

Exhibit / Performance Agreement

Mission Statement:

The goal of Riverwest Artists Association is to foster reflective, innovative, and proactive art that enriches and stimulates our community.

Policy and Procedures:

Gallery Hours: Tuesday 6:30 pm – 9 pm and Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 12 pm – 5 pm Saturdays (Hours may vary.)

Accepted exhibitors are required to be present at their show’s opening, closing, and work one, five-hour shift during gallery open hours. You are welcome to schedule additional days if desired and approved by the gallery committee.

  1. RAA’s commission on sales is 25%. At least 90% of exhibited work must be for sale or a gallery rental fee will be required. The gallery committee reserves the right to suggest and advise on pricing of artworks.

    1. Non-member gallery rental for a 4 week exhibit is $200. This fee can be waived if the nature and salability of the exhibit warrants.

    2. Exhibitors are required to submit a non-refundable down payment of $50 to reserve the gallery. The additional $150 is due at installation.

  2. As a community arts organization, work exhibited/performed must be appropriate for an all ages audience.

  3. Due to the multi-purpose nature of Jazz Gallery, sculpture and pedestals may be moved during music or other events. We caution against exhibiting highly fragile items.

  4. Accepted artists/performers are responsible for conveying necessary publicity and show information to the gallery committee, including unloadable jpgs. of artwork/photos. The gallery/music committee will make sure the information is posted on our website.

Jazz Gallery Rules:

  1. No smoking inside building. No drug use inside or on Jazz Gallery grounds.

  2. Sale of alcohol is not permitted. You may provide alcohol at no charge to your guests. Hosts are responsible for checking ID’s. If you have a mostly underage crowd, we suggest not offering alcohol. You may place a donation jar by the beverages. We can provide one or you may use your own.

  3. The gallery will NOT provide storage for exhibition materials, equipment, tools, etc. Artwork/equipment cannot block fire exits.

  4. Exhibitors/performers are responsible for damages incurred by any hanging devices, audience behavior, or faulty installation.

  5. Promotional materials must be approved before distribution by RAA gallery/music committee. Once approved, materials can be distributed by RAA and exhibitors.

  6. Artwork will be held for a maximum of seven days after the closing of a show. Any work left after that time will not receive a commission if sold. Work left more than 30 days after close becomes property of RAA.

  7. RAA/Jazz Gallery reserves the right to remove an exhibit or cancel performance if content, responsibilities, or rules are not upheld by signees.

Exhibitors violating gallery rules are responsible for all fines and/or penalties incurred. No agreements, verbal or written, are valid unless signed. Additional agreements may require initialing.